Past and Future Vacations

Lincoln City

The Oregon Coast is a nice place to visit in the summer or just to relax. The town of Lincoln City is one of the more popular areas to stay at. I went here for a family gathering a couple years ago and there are many things to do. There are lots of shops to visit and places to eat. You can go fishing and even hunt for glass floats hidden around the beach which has become a monthly adventure for people.

Walking down the beach
Incoming waves while walking down the beach taken in summer of 2020

Owyhee Canyonlands

I haven't had the opportunity to go yet but I plan to visit the Owyhee Canyonlands this summer. It's located in Eastern Oregon in a remote area but looks like a beautiful spot to go and camp. It's a great spot to go rafting and to observe wildlife as well. There's a couple of trails I've been wanting to hike on while looking for some Owyhee Blue Opal.

Rafting down the river
Area to raft on to the Owyhee River